Prize Insurance

Our team are the leading practitioners in this highly specialised and demanding class of business, with over 15 years’ experience helping brands with prizes and promotions. Our specialist team can develop tailored solutions for:

  • Clubs & Pubs
  • Casinos
  • Television Networks
  • Radio Stations
  • Marketing Companies
  • Large Corporates
  • Small Businesses
  • Shopping Centres
  • Sports Teams

Large prize promotions may increase your brand profile, but can also play a role in increasingturnover, sales, membership and help you compete in a crowded marketplace. Many people wonder how different organisations are able to provide such large chance draws, the secret is Prize Insurance.

To assist you in building your next promotion we can arrange an insurance solution for four exciting prize draws with various prize value levels to suit your chosen budget that you can purchase online.

Should you be looking for a larger or more tailored prize solution, please call us today to arrange a consultation.

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Pick to Win

One participant is provided with the opportunity to pick one envelope from a universe of your chosen number of envelopes. One envelope contains the Insured Prize with the remaining envelopes containing self-insured consolation prizes.

High Fives

One participant is provided with the opportunity to pick envelopes from a universe of 40 envelopes until they match 5 of the same prize. Within the 40 envelopes, there are the following prizes: 5 envelopes with $50,000, 6 envelopes with your chosen prize level and 29 envelopes containing a self-insured consolation prize.

Level Up

There are 4 x Levels of envelopes lined up in the following sequential order:- 2 x envelopes, 3 x envelopes, 4 x envelopes and 5 x envelopes. 1 x envelope in each level contains the Insured prize with the other envelopes containing uninsured consolation prizes. The participant chooses one envelope from Level 1. If they pick the Insured Prize they then get to pick from Level 2, and so on. Should the participant correctly pick the Insured Prize at all 4 levels, they win the Insured Prize. If not, they win the uninsured consolation prize.

Heads or Tails

One participant chooses either heads or tails. They then are provided with the opportunity to pick 5 envelopes from a universe of 10 envelopes. 5 envelopes contain heads and 5 envelopes contain tails. Should the participant pick all of the chosen symbol they win the Insured Prize. If not, they win the uninsured consolation prize.

Call us to discuss your needs 1300 655 931


Call us to discuss your needs 1300 655 931

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How our online prize insurance works

Our online prize solutions provide you with options to choose from that you think best will resonate with the clientele you are trying to attract. The process is simple:

  1. Decide on the prize draw which best suits your promotion and budget.
  2. You will need to prepare the Terms and Conditions for the draw. Some states will require you to obtain permits where others will just require that you are compliant.
  3. Design your artwork to be included in the envelopes on A5 and email to the loss assessor to be packed into the envelopes.
  4. The assessor will then send all the envelopes to you within a week of the draw.
  5. Run the prize draw!

A couple of important notes:

  • Give yourself enough time to obtain legal advice on the terms and conditions and obtain necessary permits, if applicable, from the state bodies before you run your promotion. These permits can take up to 10 days to obtain.
  • Whilst the offer of a large value prize is certainly enticing, make sure you are getting the word out as much as you can whether it be through word of mouth, social media, print and radio campaigns, posters, anything you can do to generate awareness!
Are there any permits I need to obtain and do I need Terms and Conditions for the promotion?

Promotions are regulated separately by each state and territory in Australia. Certain states and territories require specific terms and conditions and permits to run these promotions. Please consult with your legal advisors as Marsh is an insurance broker and is unable to provide legal advice on your specific promotion.

See links below for the relevant state regulations:

Hypothetical Example of a draw

John has a business providing accounting services to the film industry. He has decided to purchase a booth as an exhibitor for a Film Professionals expo coming up in a few months’ time in the hope to pick up more clients. Knowing he is going to have a booth amongst cutting-edge film equipment exhibitors, he knows he needs to provide something special that will help him stand out and grab the attention of the passers’ by to stop and visit his booth.

John decides to conduct a Pick to Win prize draw for $50,000. He gets himself a big barrel at the booth and fills it with 100 balls numbered 1 to 100.

In the weeks leading up to the expo he communicates his draw through the expo organisers’ distribution channels and tells visitors to visit the booth to register for the draw.

On the day of the expo he has large posters advertising the chance to win $50,000 simply by visiting the booth and registering their details with him. This entices many people to chat with him and his staff about their services and builds John a pipeline of prospects.

Near the end of the day, it is announced that he will be picking the lucky contestant to draw an envelope out of the barrel to reveal if they have won the Major Prize of $50,000 or if they’ve won the consolation prize of $500 and free accounting services for one year. This draws a large crowd of hopeful contestants that he can then provide a short speech about the services he provides and to draw the lucky winner.

With his staff filming the draw, John randomly picks a name out of the bowl and the lucky winner comes up for their chance to win. The barrel is spun for dramatic effect and the contestant draws a ball out of the barrel and announces the corresponding number. John’s staff member then opens the security envelope provided to show the prize! WINNER! The lucky contestant has revealed the $50,000 prize! After the celebrations, John then follows the guidelines to ensure the claim can be processed and insurers will then organise payment to the lucky winner.

End result, John has had a very successful trade show, generating significant awareness to his business, several connections with his target market and a prospect list he can connect with after the promotion.