Use a drone for work? There’s insurance for that

We understand that lugging your set of lenses, DSLRs, drone equipment, batteries and tripods around for every shoot is no mean feat. Inform yourself about the risks that come with your work and the insurance options that can cover them with our no-fuss guide to the insurance you might need and why.

Drones are widely used and if you’re a photographer, videographer or cinematographer, they’re in demand for many of the jobs you do.

Using such an expensive item calls for adequate insurance because the truth is, if you don’t have yours adequately covered, you could expose your business to significant risk. The right policy could not only save you money in the event of damage to or theft of your drone, but can also protect you financially if it injures someone or causes damage to property.

At Marsh, our focus is on arranging insurance solutions that are both specific to your needs and are competitively priced. We understand that the last thing you need to be worrying about is insurance when you’re lugging your set of lenses, DSLRs, drone equipment, batteries and tripods around for every shoot - that’s why we’ve created this no-fuss guide to the insurance you may need.

Protection from financial loss

A drone, especially an expensive one, contains a lot of sensitive parts that are prone to damage. Even a small fall can result in a large repair bill and the more high-end the drone is, the pricier the repair is going to be.

Equipment insurance can save you the costs of repair or replacement in the event your drone is damaged. This policy can cover your equipment - including your drone - almost anywhere in the world for accidental damage and theft (cover for USA/Canada can be added for an additional premium).

You can purchase cover online here, or you can call our friendly, knowledgable team for a tailored quote on 1300 655 931.

Liability protection

No matter how experienced a flyer you are, things can quickly go wrong if you lose control of your drone.

If someone is injured or their property is damaged in connection with your use of a drone - or other business activities - they may seek compensation for their injuries or damaged property. This is where your public liability policy can respond, providing cover of up to $20 million for third-party damage and bodily injury claims in relation to the operation of your drone.

If you hold workshops, provide tuition or even conduct photography tours, these activities are covered under our photography business insurance package.

How much will drone insurance cost?

Drone insurance is no different to other forms of insurance in that the existence of certain risks determine how much you pay for it. A broker can get you a tailored quote based on your specific risks.

At Marsh we arrange drone cover, subject to regulatory certification and guidelines, as part of our Cinematographer and Photographer Insurance package, which includes public and products liability cover as well as equipment cover.

Our experienced team is able to provide tailored advice about your insurance options. To purchase insurance or speak to a member of our team about a personalised quote, click here.

Need more than $30,000 cover? We can still arrange cover for you, just call us on 1300 655 931.

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